Wednesday, June 30, 2010

L.A.M Magazine

See that new shiny little button under my profile yes it's blinking and shiny! Now that you see it, click it good job! Well Ravishme and I have started a new project. A magazine focused on the sims and modeling community. We have been talking about for awhile now and finally have made it public. Izzy(CastingtheFame) is another member of our team but we are still looking for more. On the L.A.M blog you can see the many features that are going to be included and we would love for you to submit something because one of our main focuses is to include the community. Now lets click that shiny new button!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh Sweet Sweet Sim Love

As I was playing my legacy yes I indeed have a legacy, I found some adorable shots of my little simmies in love, and found they are worth sharing.

And then I came upon this delightful face...

It was an interesting day...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Am A Fail Proving That....Well

Haha Mare come on over here and beat the hell out of me for calling the England the UK. I probably would if I were you, and now I have more fail evidence. Hey geography is not my best subject, but making mistakes is. Also, thanks for giving me a good laugh! I needed it carrying boats all day isn't exactly fun. Surprisingly you were the only one that noticed my error, or maybe it was unsurprising I don't know. And when could I turn down a good fail. The answer to that is never just so we are clear.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Little Dash of Me

Well, I am quite a varied person, and you will see quite a variety of posts. Photography, sims, and for now some poetry.

Drowning in a deep depression,
Crying out for wisps of love,
Dreaming of the words unspoken,
The memories now written of,
Sword in hand,
Lost inside a land of despair,
The dreams I once had,
The hope now lost,
Left behind to whither,
The sands of time pour through my fingers,
And thus I stand here dying,
Wondering if the pain will leave,
The torment get up and walk away,
Leaving me,

I wrote this last night which is usually when I do write. Tell me what you think, and more importantly what I can improve on.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Rexy You're Banned? Wow EA!

I was browsing the forums like always, and I came across something quite interesting. Rexy aka Simmersaurus_Rex a well known simmer for her exciting new pirate miniseries/ship, impeccable editing skills, and helpful tips and guides on improving your editing. She has been nothing but good to everyone, never causing problems, but she got banned! Good job EA loose track of the ban hammer or just like exerting your power. Now usually it would be just another ban, but really come on I don't see the problem. Now until next time. Namaste

Saturday, June 12, 2010

This is how weird it gets in the summer....

Well I was riding my bike today with my camera (I for some reason was inspired to have my camera) and I realized something. No one ever takes pictures of pigeons, or the railroad tracks, or the place where the grass meets the sidewalk. So I did. I rode around taking random pictures while riding, stopping only if inspiration really struck me that something was beautiful enough for me to take a picture of. Now you're probably thinking "What the hell! Its a damn mailbox no on needs to see a picture of it!" But, I had fun so enjoy it if you can.

Well Do You Know Who I Am?

Well, I am a lot of things really, to many to name. Some of you may know me as Fishgirl4, or Izzy_The_Fish or maybe just Isabel. So before I really get to the good stuff I need to tell you a few things about me. I am 13, a girl, and its 2 am as I'm writing this. I cannot fall asleep until after 2, insomnia is a problem, as is anxiety. The smallest things stress me out. I volunteer at the library, love to read, love to sim, and love to write. I have actually had my blog for months but in a fiery burst of passion deleted everything to start anew. Maybe you don't care at all, maybe you're intrigues. I can promise two things though. There'll be a whole lot of sims. And a whole lot of fail.